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Register forSoulCollage® Summer Series 2022 Here!

What is SoulCollage®? It's a collage-based intuitive form of artistic expression that acknowledges and listens to all the parts of the self. It's inherently fun, validating, and therapeutic. In a SoulCollage® group, you will have the time and materials to tap deep into the parts of yourself that are needing and wanting to be heard. In that space, we can bring wholeness into our lives. That is true empowerment. For more information on SoulCollage®, go here.

SoulCollage® workshops are a great option for quality connection with friends and family. For this reason, you may purchase two bookings together. Although SoulCollage® can be used within psychotherapy, this is NOT a therapy group. Please feel free to email me at for any questions you may have about this incredible process.

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