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My Approaches to Therapy

My work is strength-based and transformational. Your story is important; everyone has one. I feel honored to witness the nuance of each individual's experience in the world. I facilitate a warm, safe, healing environment for transformation to naturally unfold. Its own timeline is important.

Many people ask me, "What is art therapy?" Sometimes, people will follow up with a question such as, "Do I have to be an artist to benefit from art therapy?" You will find that art therapy is different for everyone; I employ a tailored and nuanced approach to art therapy techniques, suited for the individual and what we are trying to achieve together. Sometimes it looks like art as therapy, and other times it is art in therapy. You will have access to an art studio housing many different materials including, but certainly not limited to: sketching, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, oil, clay both fired and air dry, collage, fiber arts, photography, and various 3D materials. There may be times that I help with a certain technique, but, this is very different from art class. Art therapy is process-oriented and inquisitive. You are the expert because you are the creator. We will ask questions and discover together. This is art for healing. 

And because it is art for healing, it belongs to everyone.

Holistic healing happens here. You will find my approach to be somewhat eclectic; often, when working with imagery from art created in session Jungian archetypal energy is helpful to explore. However, your narrative is of utmost importance. I work heavily within a mindfulness based approach. As you tell me your story, the transformational work begins. I also pull from cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapies where they are complementary to goals, process, and progress.

My specialties are grief and bereavement, trauma, depression, and anxiety. I recently became a certified provider in Compassionate Bereavement Care by the MISS Foundation. This is truly a passion of mine. 


If you feel ready, let's begin together.


"I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way -- things I had no words for."


Georgia O'Keefe

Please note that at this time, I am not accepting insurance; I do, however, assist in billing for out of network claims. I have a very flexible sliding scale. Please reach out for more information.
Group Sessions
Personal Sessions
Couple/Family Sessions

I offer individual sessions for children, adolescents, and adults, and we determine frequency together.

I also offer couple and family sessions, based on need, typically complementary to individual work.

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